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Caring Healthcare Workers Coalition

We are a group of South African healthcare workers committed to quality patient care, the preservation of the doctor patient relationship and evidence based medical care.

Our Aim

Obligation and responsibility

We have an obligation and responsibility to our patients as stated in the Hippocratic Oath we swore – “I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgement; I will keep them from harm and injustice – I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asks for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect”.

Caring Healthcare Workers Coalition

Together for a better tomorrow


In treating patients we are also obliged to guide them to make an informed choice about treatment and prevention options for all diseases.


As part of our commitment to our patients we pledge to being up to date with the latest available data about treatment and prophylaxis protocols. Putting our patients first sometimes means asking difficult questions and challenging decisions made for them by non-medical people.


All people have a constitutional right to bodily integrity and freedom to choose what they do with their bodies. The Patients’ Rights Charter ensures, amongst other things : Informed Consent, Confidentiality and Privacy, Refusal of Treatment as well as the right to Complain about Health Services.

Our Patients Comes First!

We will endeavour to always do what is best for our patients and continue to treat people and not diseases and above all – “First do no harm”

Why Choose Us

We Always Strive For Excellence

Membership Criteria

Any person who shares the groups aims will be able to be part of the group as long as the ratio of HCWs to non-HCWs does not exceed 80:20

Dr Naseeba Kathrada MB.ChB (natal)

General practitioner in Westville, Durban, South Africa

She runs a weight loss and Aesthetics practice and has founded her own company called Dr Kat’s.

Having seen the need for co-operation and discussion amongst health care professionals early on the pandemic- she founded the Covid Home Management Team which has successfully helped thousands of patients through a network of doctors, physicians, Aneasthetists, pathologists, Physiotherapists , homeopaths, chiropractors, pharmacists and nurses.
In the peak of the second wave in KZN – she made a plea to the president in January 2021 to make ivermectin available and accessible to the people of South Africa. This please was to give hope back to the people and trust back to the doctors. The letter went viral and soon after she founder The ‘I can make a difference’ group of HCW’S – one of the 4 groups that took the ivermectin case to court to make ivermectin available and accessible to the public via their doctors.
The matter was settled successfully out of court and ivermectin is now accessible to the South African public via the Section 21 application process. Seeing a broader need for ethical medicine this groups – the Caring Healthcare workers was created.

Dr Kat as she is fondly known – is a proud single mom of two amazing teenage daughters and she is passionate about freedom of rights of individuals. She is a Pro Choice , Pro Truth Activist

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Caring Healthcare Workers Coalition

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