The Team

Maré Olivier

Hi, my name is Maré Olivier. I finished MBChB in 1993 at Stellenbosch. After my housedoctor year(as it was called then) I worked in the Medical Emergency ward of Tygerberg Hospital for over a year. After that I locumed all around South Africa and Namibia at places at that time unknown to me. So it was me,my stethoscope,and my cell phones,changing tapes in the car, stopping every 6hours at telephone booth to check in with my parents. In 1996 I started working in the Cape Flats for 9 and a half years,on the border between Gugulethu an Valhalla Park....... it was an amazing time of learning with resussing gun wounds and knive wounds to having someone come in with abdominal pain,and the next moment delivering this same persons baby. In 2006 I started my own practice, and my beliefs are the following: 1. I am a "forever student" 2. Do no harm 1st. 3.Knowledge gives power. 4. I am only an instrument in His hands.

ME Bezuidenhout

Dr ME Bezuidenhout, The singing general practitioner with one foot in the USA and the other one in Cape Town definitely believes in a holistic approach; with principles of do not harm first and foremost and informed consent. I strongly believe in using safe, effective, proven, inexpensive repurposed medication. That includes ivermectin and also hydroxychloroquine to name two. Maria Elizabeth of sommer Marietjie to friend and family.

Mohammed Yusuf Dangor

My name is Mohammed Yusuf Dangor. I am a general dentist with a post graduate diploma in Implantology. I have been in private practice for the past 21 years. I am passionate about what I do and regard my patients health and safety with paramount importance. Patient well being is always at the top of my list, followed by autonomy, informed consent and applying benefit versus risk. Educating and informing patient’s has always been a cornerstone of my practice philosophy. I have been keeping abreast with everything Covid related since the beginning to ensure patient, staff and my safety. This knowledge and being part of a group wanting to make a difference is what spurs me on.

Clive van Geems

Graduated from UCT as a Primary School teacher, taught for 8 years. Career change when offered the opportunity to study as a Clinical Specialist in Surgical Stapling and MIS Surgery in the USA. Returned to SA and was involved with training Specialists and Registrars in MIS. Worked internationally from 2007 until 2013, involved in MIS Training in many countries. Returned to SA to share my expertise and skills acquired. Currently, Manager of the Surgical Skills Training Centre at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital in Cape Town. Passionate about upskilling people and Training. I have studied COVID since the outbreak of this bioweapon. I have had COVID-19 recently and am grateful for the availability of Ivermectin, it certainly made a difference. Now wish to do all I can to open people's minds to Ivermectin as well as to inform & warn those I meet about the trial with the "jab" and the true dangers and motivation for the pressure from the evil in this world.

Dr Jyothi Sookram

I am a medical graduate of the Univ. of Witwatersrand and also have an Honours degree in Genetics. I run a diverse Family Practice in Amanzimtoti which is south of Durban, for the last 20 years. I am blessed to do what I Love and I also Love what I do so strictly speaking I don’t really “work”. I see everyday as a fulfilment of my passion for people, their wellness and empowering them to remain healthy . While this COVID era has taught me an immense amount of new lessons, I think the age old one of we will survive stronger resonates with me. I have surpassed that initial fear of this disease and witnessed this year 100% survival amongst my patients with early, competent management with over 99 percent treatment on an out patient basis.

Dr Naseeba Kathrada MB.ChB

General practitioner in Westville, Durban, South Africa She runs a weight loss and Aesthetics practice and has founded her own company called Dr Kat’s. Having seen the need for co-operation and discussion amongst health care professionals early on the pandemic- she founded the Covid Home Management Team which has successfully helped thousands of patients through a network of doctors, physicians, Aneasthetists, pathologists, Physiotherapists , homeopaths, chiropractors, pharmacists and nurses. In the peak of the second wave in KZN – she made a plea to the president in January 2021 to make ivermectin available and accessible to the people of South Africa. This please was to give hope back to the people and trust back to the doctors. The letter went viral and soon after she founder The ‘I can make a difference’ group of HCW’S – one of the 4 groups that took the ivermectin case to court to make ivermectin available and accessible to the public via their doctors. The matter was settled successfully out of court and ivermectin is now accessible to the South African public via the Section 21 application process. Seeing a broader need for ethical medicine this groups – the Caring Healthcare workers was created. Dr Kat as she is fondly known – is a proud single mom of two amazing teenage daughters and she is passionate about freedom of rights of individuals. She is a Pro Choice , Pro Truth Activist.